All About Relationship Workshops - Summer 2017


Nantucket Atheneum  

 Tuesdays July 18, 25, August 1, 8 & 15- 10 AM to Noon

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Mindful Relationship: 10 Love Lessons You Need to Know

Do you want to live a long, happy life?  A wealth of scientific evidence suggests that strong relationships contribute to health and well-being.  Conversely, the health risks from being isolated are comparable to the risks associated with cigarette smoking, blood pressure, and obesity.

But, we’re not born knowing the skills and tools we need to succeed in relationship.  So, we do our best to figure it out.  Too often, we learn the hard way. With All About Relationship co-founders Sheryll & Douglas Reichwein that learning becomes simple - and surprisingly fun! During this five-week course, you will discover the 10 Love Lessons You Need to Know for Mindful Relationship. Each week’s class builds on the information shared in the previous class, but also stands alone. 

Week One - Love Lesson 1: The Three Vows

If the blueprint for your new home is missing the front door, your home won’t work.  In much the same way, the promises you make early in relationship determine if it will work over time. The good news is at any point in that relationship those promises can be updated.  In this class, you’ll learn Love Lesson 1: The Three Vows, a powerful blueprint for a lifetime of successful, mindful relationship.

Week Two - Love Lesson 2: Learn to Play

In relationship, differences can be an ongoing source of confusion, frustration, and stress.  Or differences can be a source of discovery, excitement, and fun.  We choose fun!  In this class, Love Lesson 2: Learn to Play, you’ll learn to identify and successfully relate to five Love Types.

Week Three - Love Lesson 3: The Territory of Me & You & We

Your needs, the other person’s needs, and your shared needs create an intricate map of overlapping boundaries.  Love Lesson 3: The Territory of Me & You & We simplifies that map and offers effective strategies for navigating and celebrating separate and shared spaces.

Week Four - Love Lesson 4: Mindful Listening

Our digital 24/7 world is noisy, with too much incoming information.  Instinctively, we “tune out” to manage the overload.  Sadly, as a result we often tune out those closest to us. In this class, Love Lesson 4: Mindful Listening, you’ll learn how to tune back in, how we don’t all listen in the same way for the same reasons, and how tohear what’s being said - and what’s not being said.

Week Five - Love Lesson 5: The Territory of the Heart

Do you know that your heart “thinks?” Neuroscientists have proven through neural imaging that the neural-plexus of your heart sends messages to your cranial brain – and your cranial brain always obeys.  In other words, heart’s messages of love literally “rule.” After Love Lesson 5: The Territory of the Heart you will be empowered to successfully navigate your experience of love, as well the other heart emotions, including awe, appreciation, and compassion.  In this lesson, you will also learn how to manage challenging survival emotions in relationship, including anger, fear, sadness, and disgust.