We’re Douglas & Sheryll Reichwein - writers, teachers, artists, advisers, and happily married couple.

We’ve spent two-lifetimes learning how to be happy in relationship.

We know what works from first-hand, time-tested experience. And, equally important to your success, we know what doesn’t work.

At an age when many couples are thinking about retirement, we spend our days thinking about how we can give back. We've discovered our joy grows when we share what we know with you. We believe you too deserve to connect and be happy!

Love Lessons offer practical tools for immediate application - and lasting results.  Like when you don't know what to say or fear what you might say will trigger anger; when you feel sad in the relationship and you don't know why; or when you said something you regret and you can't take it back - there'll be a Love Lesson for that. 

Love Lessons are designed to be short, easy to access, and to the point. 

Love Lessons will also offer you inspirational support for those trying times in relationship when you're just not sure what's next. Knowing when to begin, when to wait, when to stay, and when to go can be difficult.   There'll be Love Lessons for those times too. 

And there'll also be Love Lessons that focus on your relationship with yourself. Showing love, acceptance, and kindness towards yourself is where successful relationship begins. 

Lessons are available through online classes and live workshops. 

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I Love You Today Because: The 7 Keys to Epic Romance is a book about what you do with your lover all the other times when you are not in the passionate embrace. Through poetry, story, art and essay, Douglas takes you on a journey to a better love life — a love life that pulses all the day long. 

This kind of love is called “romance.” Romance is an old fashioned word not used much anymore. Some people think it is not possible in our modern world. Douglas tell you "Yes" it is possible for you, now! 

The 7 Keys to Epic Romance empower both the man and the woman. Simply by putting these principles into action you will find your love life will improve. Learn more.


What's your most pressing relationship question? Do you want to know why he always gets busy doing something "important" just when you feel the need to talk? Or do you wonder why he always seems to find a way to not take you seriously?  

Perhaps you wonder why she always seems to find ways to make you wrong? Or do you want to know why you worry about losing territory?

Find your answers at He Said, She Said - our relationship advice podcast & blog. At He Said, She Said, we offer our individual perspectives and shared experiences.  Looking at the question from his side and her side clarifies differences and highlights possibilities - pointing you in the direction of greater connection and happiness.   

We invite you to send us your questions.  Please complete our confidential submission form and stay tuned for the next He Said, She Said installment. Submit here.


What's the #1 challenge to relationship? Navigating difficult emotions. Fortunately, there is a reliable passage through the stormy seas of difficult emotion.  

We call it "The Beautiful Way." Science has now proven that your heart is smart. We offer you classes in The Beautiful Way that will exponentially boost your emotional know-how.

When you know how your heart thinks, anything is possible!    

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