I Love You Today Because is a book about what you do with your lover all the other times when you are not in the passionate embrace. There are many books out there about the art of sex. But there are very few about the art of loving. (Though you’ll find a bit about good sex, too.)

      Through poetry, story, art and essay I take you on a journey to a better love life — a love life that pulses all the day long. This kind of love is called “romance.” Romance is an old fashioned word not used much anymore. Some people think it is not possible in our modern world. I am here to tell you that it is.

       I have arranged the tools of good loving into 7 principles that empower both the man and the woman. Simply by putting these principles into action you will find your love life will improve.

      Your love life will grow deeper and broader.  It will sizzle and glow. You will connect in ways you never thought possible.

      I wish you much joy as you pursue your Epic Romance.