The following is an excerpt from the Introduction to I Love You Today Because:


      In our over-worked, stressed-out, often cynical world, is Epic Romance still possible? We no longer have a need for partnership for safety or security or even satisfaction. We can grab our cellphones, go online and find any variety of people wanting to “hook up.” Let’s face it; it’s easier to be single. It’s easier to have dominion over one’s own life. It’s easy to find a part time lover in any flavor of the month.

       And yet, people still attempt to partner. The dream that there is a special someone is still alive. People still wish for that someone who is a friend like no other. Every day they make their best choice and “tie the knot.” They start down that road together with the best of intentions —but then life happens.

     And the stuff of life gets in the way. The weeks go by. The months go by. The years go by and suddenly they look across the room and are surprised to find they’re living with a stranger. 

      When two people set out on the road of life together, they don’t intend for this to happen; it just does.  Or does it? Does it “just happen?”

      There are a thousand different turns in the road that take us to the place of strangers. Maybe those thousand turns and waypoints seem like they “just happen.” But really it takes a thousand times walking down the wrong road. Imagine how different it would be if we had a magic guardian who would tap us on the shoulder at the moment we put our first foot on that one of a thousand roads and said, “Don’t go that way. Come over here and go this way.”

     I have been saved from walking down hundreds of those wrong roads by asking one simple question;

     “Have I told you I Love You today?”

      By asking this one question every day I’m brought right back to why I’m married in the first place. Saying “I Love you” is why I can so freely give up a petty grievance - something so unimportant it should have been let to dissolve long before. When I return to my love for my beloved I find the world a richer place and I have more to share with everyone else.

      This simple tool helps us build the castle that holds our Epic Romance. Epic Romance doesn’t just happen. It is built.

     Attraction and passion just happen. 

     Epic Romance is crafted one turn in the road after another and another and another after that, every day of your life.

     But it takes skill and commitment to build your magic castle in the sky to hold your Epic Romance. Epic Romance is part of the lover’s life every moment of every day. It is a golden ribbon that weaves its way through each and every breath between you and your beloved.

     Come join me in learning the keys that unlock the doors in your heart that will allow your partnership to blossom into an Epic Romance.